Fall application closes July 20, 2012 The Valencia Foundation offers a number of privately funded scholarships that are donated by organizations and individuals interested in supporting Valencia’s students.

Donor-Selected Foundation Scholarships

Most scholarship donors choose their scholars without direct input from Valencia based on their own application process, usually in June or July for the upcoming academic year. If the donor notifies Valencia of the application process, an announcement will be posted on the Valencia Scholarship Bulletin Board and the campus newsletters.

Some donors will ask Valencia for recommendations. Valencia staff will choose students to recommend based on the donor’s requirements and the Valencia Foundation Scholarship applications on file.

Valencia-Selected Foundation Scholarships

Some of the donors have asked Valencia’s Scholarship Committee to choose their scholar. The Committee will match the applicants with the scholarship criteria. Most of the scholarships have unique, special criteria such as graduation from a particular high school, or employment with a certain company. Additional preference will be given to students with financial need and a minimum GPA of 2.5. While good grades are important, the highest grades are usually not the first basis for selection. Valencia Foundation Scholarships applications must be submitted by the deadline as indicated on the Online scholarship application page.

Cost of Attendance

College cost, which is sometimes referred to as the Cost of Attendance (COA), includes both direct and indirect costs. The following are average* costs of attendance for a full-time student attending both the Fall and Spring Terms of the 2016 - 2017 academic year (9 month budget for Fall and Spring) :

Florida Resident Florida Resident  Non-Florida Resident
Living at Home Living Independently Out of State Tuition
Tuition $2,473 $2,473 $9,383
Books & Supplies $1,266 $1,266 $1,266
Room & Board $4,518 $9,366 $9,366
Transportation $2,854 $2,854 $2,854
Personal Expenses $474 $474 $474
Total 9 mos Budget $11,585 $16,433 $23,343

* It is very important to note that the average expenses are estimated based on local cost of living information for use in calculating financial aid eligibility. Individual expenses will vary based on your choice of lifestyle and living arrangements.

** Non-Florida Residents include out-of-state students and international students. Review Valencia's Information for Residency Classification.

Note: Most scholarships offered through the Valencia Foundation require a student to demonstrate need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Valencia encourages all students to complete the FAFSA early each year by the priority deadline for the upcoming academic year.

Although Valencia’s tuition is very affordable, many of our students still face financial challenges that keep them out of college:

  • The cost of books now outpaces the cost of tuition.
  • The students who need financial assistance - those who are working full time or more than one part-time job and are just above federal guidelines - do not qualify for most grants or current endowed scholarships.
  • Finances are still a major barrier to students enrolling and completing their education. In fact, four of the top five reasons students leave college early relate to finances.